Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Why You Want Performance Fabric on Outdoor Furniture

As spring is well under way, you might wonder why performance fabric is a big deal when choosing your outdoor furniture from us at Red Barn. “After all, it’s all got to be one big promotional put-on! I mean, when you expose upholstery to the sun and the rain, inevitably, eventually, it will fade, right?” Wrong! In this blog post we’ll go over why a scientifically developed high-performance fabric such as Nuvella or Sunbrella is essential to keep your outdoor furniture and accessories like new for many muggy summers and cool evenings perfect for partying!

outdoor sectional with Nuvella upholstery

How Is Performance Fabric Different?

You might think performance fabric is simply dyed extra dark once the fabric is made. That wouldn’t deliver what this lab-perfected synthetic cloth offers you. The key here is “synthetic.” Your nylon or rayon upholstery was originally molten plastic, before it was turned into tiny fibers to make that striking burnt-orange outdoor sectional or relaxing chaise lounge on which to sun yourself. When it’s still liquid-hot, that’s when the manufacturer adds the color. That way, from the beginning, right down to the core, every fiber, every molecule, of your performance fabric has your desired color, so thoroughly that neither the sun nor rain can fade it!

patio umbrella

What Is Performance Fabric Used For?

Manufacturers have discovered that performance fabric is a selling point not only for long-lasting outdoor furniture and accessories constantly in the sun such as patio umbrellas. It’s also great for your indoor sofas and chairs because it’s incredibly stain-resistant. Any “oops” will wipe right off simply with a cloth or sponge, water, and a little soap.

Get your performance fabric upholstered outdoor furniture for less from our St. Stephens Church, VA outlet in time for summer!